Annual Meeting – Confirmed Speakers Christophe Deben

Christophe Deben

In 2016, dr. Deben successfully defended his PhD dissertation on targeting the p53 patway in non-small cell lung cancer at the Univeristy of Antwerp in the Center for Oncological Research (CORE). In 2017, he started in his current position as a post-doctoral researcher at CORE focussing on targeting redox biology for the treatment of cancer and the implementation of patient-derived organoids (PDOs). In particular, he focused on the development of live-cell imaging-based screening assay for PDOs and co-developed the Orbits AI-based image analysis software for label free monitoring of PDOs together with InViLab (UAntwerp). In 2021, he became the head of the Tumoroid Screening lab (TUSC, UAntwerp) which processes patient samples into organoids and provides advanced PDO screening services based on live-cell imaging.