Annual Meeting – Confirmed Speakers Olivier Guillaume

Olivier Guillaume

I graduated my PhD in 2011 in the field of polymeric biomaterials used for soft tissue repair, with a focus on antimicrobial surfaces. The following years, I spent several post-doctoral trainings in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, applying new biomaterials combined with cells, for bone, cartilage, IVD and muscle repair (at the Trinity College Dublin-IR and AO Davos-CH). Since 2018, I am working as Univ. Assist. in the group of Prof Ovsianikov Aleksandr: “3D Printing and Biofabrication Group” from the Institute of Materials Science and Technology of the Technische Universität Wien-Austria (Additive Manufacturing Technologies : AMT ( We focus our effort in adapting multi-photon lithography for biomedical and TERM purposes. Over the last years, we have shown that MPL offers unrivalled opportunities to build scaffolds and to bioprint hydrogels with highly intricated but easily controllable features, or to be used for organ-on-a-chip technologies. One particular interest is to assess a new approach for TERM application, consisting in merging together the two commonly used strategies, i.e. the scaffold-free and scaffold-based. This new approach, called the “third tissue engineering strategy”, requires the fabrication of multiple micro-size scaffolds which allow the formation of single spheroids in their core. The cellularized units can then be used as injectable building blocks and can self-assemble to form larger-size and stable tissues, features hardly achievable using the previously two well-known approaches. We are currently assessing how those stem cell-loaded microscaffolds can be used to regenerate musculoskeletal defects, with a focus on bone and cartilage tissues.